Birds of Eden

Birds of Eden, or what I just like to call Birdland since it’s so close to Monkeyland, is an equally amazing place to go to. You start at the bottom in the mist which gets pumped out and work your way up by going under a waterfall and on more bridges connecting the different environments. We thought that it was kind of lame at first because we hardly saw any birds that we considered to be exotic but as we went further up, we became enamored with the place.

Birds of Eden takes in birds which may not be wanted any more by their owners, among other reasons. My dad is a bird magnet and when he sat down on the bench where the flamingoes were, ring-necked parakeets and other parrots started sitting on him. One of them kept saying “hello” and was just the cutest thing. 

The birds were way more sociable than the monkeys were, most likely because they were pets, and were in the process of returning to a more wild life. This safe haven had so many different species, it was ridiculous. There were toucans, African greys, macaws, cockatoos, flamingoes, weaver birds, you name it. No ostriches, but you can’t have everything! 

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