Rietvlei Dam

We went to South Africa for my uncle’s birthday in August and found ourselves touring the place without much of a plan. The next few posts will be about different places in South Africa that are recommended by me to see if you ever go there.

Rietvlei Dam is just outside of Pretoria and has an interesting juxtaposition with the animals and modern life. My favorite picture of this is the ostrich which is living in view of power lines. They have the animals you would expect to see including many types of buck, ostriches, and even a rhino which appears now and then.

The climate is different than what I had experienced in the Port Elizabeth area at Addo Elephant Park, Kragga Kamma, or Seaview in that it was much drier and the rains that had marked the other parks hadn’t really made it up to Pretoria. It is unusual for it to rain in winter so it is the norm for it to be so dusty and dry. 

The game preserve also has lion tours which we happily joined. We were lucky because we went during the week and there were not very many other people, that we could see, who were partaking in the tour as well. So, we got to have the guide to ourselves and ask the questions that we might not have asked with a larger group. My camera decided to act up while I was trying to take pictures of the lions.


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