Redhouse (painting)


This was a birthday present to my uncle for his 60th. It’s of the bed and breakfast that he and his wife run in Redhouse, a small town in the Eastern Cape province in South Africa. I took a few liberties and made it a bit more festive than it usually looks.

The painting took me forever to do. Mostly, I thought it was going to be an overwhelming task so I put it off. Eventually, though, I started on it and was quite chuffed with the result. The sun emblem, if you can call it that, represents the sun that beats down on this country. For the last three years, this area (which I am posting from) had a drought and this year had tremendous floods which has now lifted the water restrictions. It’s pretty serious when you think about the population expanding and how precious water is.

The house is on the great Swartkops River and if you’re ever in the Port Elizabeth area, you should check out the great accommodation at Crew’s Inn B&B.


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