The only Days of our Lives episode you should ever watch

I was at a bar on July 4th for lunch and caught a bit of Days of our Lives. There were only subtitles which actually made it more interesting. The show had small parodies of some Oscar nominees for best picture from this year. They included a lot of cast members and it’s really hilarious when you see the supposed Winklevoss twins.

“You must be tired. That was a very long flashback. Almost as long as Citizen Kane’s.”

The worst one was The King’s Speech. It wasn’t really about the king and it diverged from the idea that the problem was a stutter. Instead, they make it about “E.J.” trying to speak like an American while he sounds like an uppercrust Brit. 

The Fighter was also pretty good. All of those sisters in blonde wigs! haha

“I like meat, hitting, and sex.”


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