Walters Art Museum

The Walters Museum of Art in Baltimore is a really high quality museum with a lot of really amazing pieces. I never thought that I would see a Faberge egg in person, let alone two. So, seeing those yesterday was quite awesome. I started running out of battery on my iPhone towards the end so I don’t have as many pictures as I would have liked of the place but I did take a lot.

There are four levels to the museum and the gift shop has a lot of jewelry, which kind of surprised me. The collections range from ancient Egypt to medieval Europe to 19th century paintings and even some Impressionism. There were many things that made me pause and think, one of them being a mummified cat. It was very small and they provided an x-ray of it which allowed you to see the bones and how they folded it up. Kind of like how you fold up a tent to fit it into its carrying bag.

Another thing that was interesting was the “sea bear” skull, which was a polar bear skull. It was next to a jaguar from South America and made me realize how big those teeth were. Way big. Way scary. If I had been one of those people on Lost, I too would have freaked out and try to get those things killed. Those teeth are ferocious.


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