Danes hate Marmite because it has added vitamins?

Now that that’s been said, it naturally follows that I tell you why there is such hullabaloo about Marmite. According to the The Telegraph, “The sale of any foodstuff with the “addition of vitamins, minerals and other substances” must be first approved by the Danish authorities after a health scare over their effect on children or pregnant women when combined with other foods with high vitamin levels.”

It makes sense if they are being overprotective about the health of pregnant women but I think a better way to do that is to educate the public about the problems with added vitamins instead of completely banning the substances. Making people smarter consumers instead of babying them is the better way to go, in my opinion. It’s isn’t as though it is harming the environment (which we all share), it is harming those people that could potentially make the decision themselves. 

Marmite is the leftover stuff, known as yeast extract, that comes from making beer. It is very salty and people either love it or hate it. It has been imported into many countries and is gaining a foothold among some of the British eating establishments in New York City. Growing up in South Africa, it became a staple for my family and we go out of our way to purchase it and spread it on toast. In Australia, they have something similar called Vegemite which is better known around the world but to me does not taste as good. Recently, in order to make Vegemite easier to spread when butter isn’t around, they added cream cheese. Blegh.

There is also a beef extract called Bovril that tastes kind of sort of like Marmite. Read about it on Wikipedia.



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