Photosynth app by Microsoft is spiffy

I read about this app on the NYTimes website a few weeks ago and immediately downloaded it because it was free and had good reviews. Considering it is free, it does a hell of a good job stitching together photos for a smooth experience (most of the time).

For indoor photos, it is less than stellar but that is the case most of the time with iPhones and low lighting. Outdoors, it does a great job if nothing is moving around. I have yet to try it out with a person moving in front of the camera so that they are in all of the frames but I will do it soon. I’ve also tried to do it indoors at a restaurant and it ends up with people looking like they are sitting on top of others. Kind of a cool effect, even if it is unintended.

I took this synth in Ocean City, Maryland several days ago and it turned out pretty well. I’m waiting for the point when Facebook integrates this into their photo viewing technology so that you get a richer experience than just seeing a 2D photo. It does require Silverlight to be installed but if you have Netflix running on your computer, it means you already have it installed.

What is also neat is that you can hook it up to Facebook or embed the experience like I have below.


One thought on “Photosynth app by Microsoft is spiffy

  1. For anyone who is reading this blog post on an iOS device, you can view the pano in the Photosynth mobile panorama app by clicking this link:, you can get shooting tips for the app (indeed it is good advice for any panorama app) under the ‘bloopers’ section of Blaise Agüera y Arcas’ weblog post here: most important thing to keep in mind is that when shooting a panorama, the better you can keep the camera’s lens in one place in the air as you turn, the better your stitching results will be. This is more important, the closer the subject of your input photos are to you and less important as they are further and further away. Other panorama tutorials will tell you the same thing:!Nate

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