Nook Color or should it be Colour?

Last Friday, I had a huge problem. My pocket was billowing smoke. I keep my money in there so I soon realized that my money was burning a hole in my pocket. What could I do to put out the small flame that was threatening the integrity of my pants? Spend some money, of course.

I took myself off to Barnes and Noble and for a good five minutes, I checked out their Nook Color tablets. I bought one, with a nice cover and through some magic, was able to turn it into an Android tablet. I’m not going to go into that magic since obviously I wouldn’t want to question the character of the magician or warlock. Yes, you guessed it. Charlie Sheen turned my Nook Color into a Nook Colour. Since he doesn’t have a publicist anymore, there is no way to deny it.

The Colour is pretty awesome with only a few glitches that I think are temporary at this point. Compared to my iPhone, this is a completely new thing to me and it doesn’t seem as intuitive as I thought it would be. Granted, being able to play Angry Birds Rio for free is a sweet advantage.

I’m finding that the lack of apps that actually serve some purpose are few and far between. It might be because the magic didn’t work as correctly as the Sheenius hoped but there are nit as may Google apps that just work without some goading. All I want is a Google documents app that doesn’t redirect me to the website and let’s me add or edit within the app itself. Also, and this might be because of Amazon and B&N competing, I cannot get my Amazon cloud account working. I always get error #100. More than a little annoying.

Overall, the experience has so far been a good one since I can connect my Colour to my school’s wifi and play Words with Friends on a big screen (play me: yoprice). Since it doesn’t have 3G, it means that I still need my phone to okay while on the road but I feel like it also encourages me to read the books on it instead of incessantly surfing the web. Which altogether may be my salvation. Anything to be not connected to every little word that someone thinks is a genius anecdote on Facebook!

I know this tablet is actually kind of going backwards since the ipad has since come out with cameras and stuff so I’m treating this as an old ipad, without 3G. Ahhh, back to the basics. And I would have you know that I will never pay from an ipad. I would rather get myself a MacBook Pro which would actually be able to do stuff on it as compared to using it solely as a entertainment device which this is.

I will update this post later as I get more used to my new toy. I already like this keyboard better. Also, if there are any suggestions for apps or things I should look at, tell me!


4/21/11 Edit:

I had the Sheenius update it to Honeycomb and now it’s working pretty well. I don’t have the market as of yet but I’m working on that. It’s so much cooler looking than whatever it was I had before. I have a feeling it was the Eclair version. It definitely wasn’t Froyo.


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