Old Bay Bombers vs. Wicomikazis

I went to my first roller derby bout last night with some awesome people and decided to take some video. Only, when I edited it later, I realized that it’s way more fun to watch things that are sped up. So that’s what I did, to the detriment of the official-ness of the video lol. Rachel Conflict (I think that was her name) got pretty hurt and I slowed that part down. I hope she’s okay now!

The last picture is what I had at Baskin Robbins and has nothing to do with anything except that I ate it after the bout. It was good, I’m glad you asked!

Update: As per request, I will also mention that we were sitting in the Suicide Seats which basically means we were like 10 feet from where the action was happening and accounts for the angle in the video. It was pretty scary/totally awesome. Also, Rachel Conflict detached her knee cap which must have been extraordinarily painful. 


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