The deceit of Tea Gardens


I just found this list of notes from my roadtrip in Australia and it probably makes no sense in general but it was pretty funny at the time. I used my itouch while on vacation and had the notepad on there. Completely forgot about it until just now.

Tea Gardens has no tea gardens 😦
Only one policeman in town
People really nice
Sydney people have different accents
Nicole’s art gallery and cafe
Lots of pelicans
Saw a koala in a tree but it had plaid shorts on
Terra Cottage gallery and cafe in Stroud NSW population 550
Deer warning sign. Deer are a pest and shot on sight
Lack of signs a big problem
Snow in mtns
No kangaroos, only furry boulders
Trucks carrying logs to make woodchips?
Australia produces a lot of woodchips even though they have a small percentage of trees compared to, say, dirt
Can’t make dirtchips though
No vultures, just crows
Lots of roadkill
Where is a dingo when you need one?
Caravan parks are BYOC. Bring your own caravan
Crows aren’t Roos but you see a lot of them
Driving to Armidale, seemingly in the middle of nowhere, and hear la roux on the radio


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