La Michoacana or awesome ice cream in Richmond

At the insistence (and recommendation) of my father, I stopped at La Michoacana in Richmond today. Expecting to find a place similar to Baskin Robbins or something with a smaller variety of ice cream flavors, I wasn’t expecting a really nicely done up Mexican ice cream shop with a ton of flavors. As I was standing there, just reading the board and the combinations that you can choose from, the friendly guy behind the counter began giving me samples of different flavors. Everything was so colorful and sleek, I was standing there for a minute just in awe of the place.

From the outside, the shop doesn’t look all that impressive. When you walk in, though, you see a colorful shop with so much going for it. It was more of an upscale place than I had expected since the exterior was rather bland but the inside was fantastic. I love surprises like those because I don’t get surprised very often. It’s always disappointing when you know that something will not be living up to your expectations, so I keep them low and try to be surprised. Even their business cards are visual and enticing.

So, after all that, I guess sometimes you should listen to people when they say to go somewhere. I never would’ve guessed that Richmond possessed anything except potholes but this ice cream shop is definitely a gem for the city. It is right off the infamous US Route 1 and worth a try!


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