Henna benda

I had no idea that henna was so popular. My friends and I signed up at school to get it done and ended up on a waiting list. We were around the 170s even though we got there just after they started. So they told us to come back which ended up being closer to 2 hours later. However, I think it was worth the experience. I talked to the Indian lady who does it and she said that it is her part time job. She picked it up because when her kids were younger she wanted to spend more time with them.

My friend Kelly got a peahen and I got a sun design. It dried and began dropping off pretty quickly and actually ended up being darker than I thought it would be. It was really difficult to not pick at it. 

I have realized that I would totally get a tattoo if it was limited to around 2 or 3 years so that I wouldn’t be stuck with it forever. 2 weeks is too short and a lifetime is too long. Hey chemistry majors, let’s get on that.


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