Lady Wahwah

Can you hear the crying, the sniffling of a woman who has no money? No, you can’t. That’s because that’s not what Lady Gaga represents and she won’t take opposition if she can help it. She’s an entertainer with business acumen but it seems that lately, her efforts have been misguided. Lady Gaga has tons of money at this point as evidenced by her extremely high ticket prices for concerts and albums that sell but I’m not sure what is happening with her these days. She’s in all sorts of legal battles to stay relevant and there’s only one good thing, in my opinion, that has come out of it. But first, the bad:

Lady Gaga is one of several artists now, including the Foo Fighters (who wants to be lumped with them, anyway?), that are demanding that any photos taken at concerts of her Ladyship are then her property. According to Rolling Stone, This has made countless professional photographers who signed the release form upset because basically if they take a picture, it isn’t theirs. If they sell it to a magazine or internet site, it’s not theirs. All the money goes to Lady Gaga. How she could possibly control the photographers is up in the air but is still a very real threat to a lot of visual artists. 

London based Baby Gaga ice cream, which got huge press because it is made from actual human breast milk, is being sued by Lady Gaga for using “Gaga” as part of their brand. She’s more than a little miffed and the company that sells Baby Gaga ice cream is under all sorts of scrutiny now and has been yanked from the shelves, despite their popularity. 


The good: Target and Lady Gaga had a deal for her new album, Born this Way, which was supposed to come out soon. However, Target has been found to recently have donated to politicians who are against LGBT rights. So, she backed out of the deal and has made Target angry. 

It just seems like a little much. Obviously everyone knows that Lady Gaga has nothing to do with that ice cream so she should back off from that front. She should also back off from photographers because if she only starts putting out authorized pictures of herself, she’s going to lose a lot of her audience and fast. One of the things I love about Lady Gaga is that she is her own person and that she is outrageous when it comes to fashion. However, if I was to take a picture of her at a concert of hers, I wouldn’t want her to own it and interfere with my life like that. What do you think?


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