Big Love questions

This whole “post every day” thing is really hard to do. So I guess I’ll just start posting on some days more than others so that it equals out.

This week on Big Love, oh boy oh boy. I have a few questions because I guess I haven’t been paying enough attention. There may be spoilers if you haven’t watched the most recent episode…

  1. How did Ben’s girlfriend know about Margie being underage before she married Bill? Possibly missed it when someone was overhearing something?
  2. OR are they talking about Cara Lynn (what’s up with these names?) and her teacher?
  3. Will Bill’s mother ever succeed in killing Bill’s father? Does this mean that Bill can possibly have killer genes? or FAIL genes?
  4. When will Don figure out that Bill only cares about himself and that he himself is only a sidekick?
  5. Why did Ben “know” Rhonda when he knows she’s married, has a kid, and that when her husband finds out, his life is in danger?
  6. Why did he not tell whatsername (his girlfriend, now) what he did with Rhonda?
  7. Why is Nicki’s mother still living with those crazies at the compound when they throw her into a hole every time she says something displeasing?
  8. Why is this show so crazy? 
  9. When will Margie realize that she doesn’t love Bill, that she loves attention more? She’s so ready to jump ship and go to that Goji guy, it’s surreal.
  10. Why is Alby so desperate? Surely $300 million could buy him a better-looking …experience. 
  11. How is Bill going to keep the stores going if Alby is nuts and keeps raising the rent?
  12. What is going to happen when Barb EXPLODES because of the sealing that happened between Bill, Margie, and Nicki?
  13. Is this show going to end with Bill being murdered? There are a lot of people unhappy with him right now.



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