Google translate


When I travel, I rarely make the effort to learn the language of where I am going because, unless it I learn a few quick phrases, there doesn’t seem a point in doing so. Most of the places I visit are so tourist happy that if I did speak the language, I would probably just embarrass myself anyway and not really accomplish anything. Don’t get me wrong, learning a language is a wonderful thing and it makes your brain work in a great way. It has been proven to ward off Alzheimer’s. I’m sure there are tons of studies that can prove that. There do happen to be ways around that since technology has developed to the point where we can do things like take a photo of a Sudoku puzzle and Google will solve it for you. Brain power? Who needs that?


Fortunately for high school Spanish or French students everywhere, Google has not just focused on Sudoku but has also taken the guesswork out of whether or not you have the correct words in a number of different languages. With Google Translate, the new iPhone app, you can talk to it in English and it will translate what you want it to say in French, Arabic or a number of different languages. It also has an audio function so that when you don’t know how to pronounce something, Google Translate will effortlessly roll it off it’s tongue, so that yours doesn’t get tied.

I can see a lot of uses for this and I wouldn’t be surprised if Google jumped on that bandwagon that some other app has already tried by translating signs in foreign countries. Google would probably incorporate that into Translate pretty easily.


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