AVAM round 2

I ventured once again, and in worse weather, to the American Visionary Art Museum on the edge of the Baltimore inner harbor recently. The “This is what makes us smile” exhibit was now in full swing. When I had gone to the museum last year, it was being installed and so I wasn’t able to glimpse very much.

The exhibit was quite funny in some respects and there were random facts that were liberally scattered around the exhibit to add to the fun. One thing that I thought was interesting was the fact that Whoopee Cushion sales doubled (or at least increased significantly) during the Great Depression. What the museum concluded was that everyone was in dire need for a laugh so that’s where they got it from.

In one area, they had furry black polka dots on the orange wall, it was awesome as you can see from the photo. There was a bear that had all sorts of decorations on it and in it’s stomach area had an opening for a small TV that was showing comedy routines. There were some small scale roller-coasters and other carnival related stuff that was a bit on the darker side but the kids that I saw ate it up, especially if there was a button to push that made things move. Actually, I think that makes any art piece appeal more. The ship, the Lusitania, in the museum’s permanent collection was made out if toothpicks. How crazy is that?

There was so much fantastical stuff in the museum and the gift shop– it is definitely worth a trip.

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