Ember (painting)


Ember by Adrienne Price

acrylic on canvas

This painting was done as a commission for my cousin’s newest addition to his family, baby Luca, to be put in his room. I hope one day when he can actually make sense of paintings and the like that he won’t hate it. BTW, I love the name Luca.

I had the hardest time coming up (and finding time for it) with something for Luca. I wanted something more jungle themed because half of his family is from South Africa. While South Africa isn’t known for it’s jungles per se, I do know that if I had painted some Kalahari landscape, it would not have been as much fun as this.

I would like to think that this painting shows some sort of determination, some little thing that keeps on glowing even when times are tough. That there are people who tend the flame (in one’s life, maybe) and try to keep others going as part of their mission in life. We don’t always appreciate those people and we might not always be near them but they are there, loving and caring for you.

The best part about art, though, is that everyone can read whatever they want into a piece of art. I may have painted it with that in mind but I’m sure Luca or his parents will read something completely different into it, which is great!

So, this one is for little Luca who is going to be a really smart, good looking kid. Here’s to you, kiddie!


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