The movie “Easy A” and why it’s okay to ignore Amanda Bynes

I watched Easy A the other day and it reminded me that we don’t really have that many smart high school movies any more.

This one was littered with references to other movies, Sylvia Plath, Dr. Alfred Kinsey and, of course, The Scarlet Letter. Emma Stone (who I only knew previously as being in Zombieland and Superbad) (and who is naturally a blonde but dyes her hair red) was great in it as Olive the main character who accidentally starts a rumor landslide. Her parents are awesome too (and their names are also types of food). 

My favorite part at the beginning was getting that card from her grandmother:

It’s okay, don’t feel bad. It’s alright to ignore Amanda Bynes, she’s not good for anything anymore. She had her time in the sun with that tv show on the WB in which she played herself. Bynes plays a God-squad-esque character whose boyfriend is almost 22 and still in high school which is not so far from every other character she has ever played. 

Bynes was born in 1986 and while a lot of actors play high school age characters, she’s particularly stuck in that time period. You’re never going to see her play some serious role that people actually pay to watch her performance. Nope, she’s a typecast actor who actually gave up “acting” in June, 2010 and then came back to film Easy A in August. She should stick to what she is good at and maybe do children’s programming. 

Final thoughts? Watch this movie for something refreshing and quick witted that isn’t some ripoff.

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