Blue Valentine

I saw Blue Valentine on MLK day with a friend and it was pretty intense. It was a really engrossing film and definitely worth the praise that has been showered on it. I wouldn’t say there are spoilers ahead but don’t read the rest if you are unfamiliar with the story line. Here’s the trailer. 

Ryan Gosling did an interview with NPR that I happened to catch that talked about him having to be in close quarters with Michelle Williams for a lot of the time that they were filming. He said that it brought their performances way closer to the surface because of their experiences together than if they had been able to leave each other during the time when they were not filming. The idea of having to live through what your character is living through intrigued me, which is why this was high on my ever-changing list of movies to see. 

This movie left me feeling pretty desolate and without much hope. The movie offers no solutions, it just bares its soul for the audience to dive into introspection and thoughtfulness. It seems to me a sort of reflection of the world we live in now, with nobody really having answers and dissatisfaction being a disease, like the flu. Once you are in contact with someone who is unhappy, you start to reevaluate your circumstances and discover the flaws that were hidden.

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