5 Craft Blogs You Should Follow

I’m one of those people that needs to do something while watching television or movies. Since I’m pretty addicted to movies, I seem to be doing something a lot of the time.

5. Mark Montano – http://markmontano.typepad.com/
This guy came up with The Big Ass Book of Crafts which is really awesome and makes me wish I lived inside of it. As an accompaniment to the book and I guess because he simply can’t help himself, Montano posts other projects that he’s completed on his website. He has a new book that came out called Pulp Fiction that I’m probably going to look into. I want to do more papier mache, even though that can get terribly messy.

This blog is a must-follow because it combs through a lot of the successful crafts online. They try to stay green friendly and reuse a lot of stuff that you might already have. It also has some food recipes that really would inspire someone who likes to cook. I am not one of those people.

I heard about How About Orange through a friend a few years ago and it’s definitely an awesome site. Not everything is orange, so don’t be misled. It’s really about how Jessica Jones experiments and makes up stuff. She’s also a graphic designer so that’s cool! 


One of the most fun things I’ve done with glue was to glue magazine images to tables and then cover it up with Mod Podge. Decoupage can be used for so much and this blog definitely shows you different and fun ways to spice up the boring stuff around you. Some like the “classy” look and I like the unbearably colorful, cluttered look. haha

1. MAKE Magazine http://makezine.com/
Some things that people make seem to have no discernible purpose but that doesn’t stop most people. For instance, why would you want to tweet via telegraph? The “why” doesn’t matter at MAKE, only the “what” and the “how”. 

AND if you are into reading books on, like, paper, you should read Amy Sedaris’ book Simple Times: Crafts for Poor People. As a college student and seemingly perpetual poor person, this book is hilarious and somewhat useful, if you’re into crafts that won’t make you money and are just fun to look at and eventually discard. I know, my review isn’t glowing but that’s actually what the book is about! Plus, you can make the cover into a hat.

What are your favorite craft sites? I’m always up for adding more RSS feeds to my Google Reader.

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