3 Resolutions for 2011

I can boil my resolutions down to 3 separate things:

1. Blog more. 
I'm sure people think I already blog a lot and I think I do too, but it's not on a consistent level. It's more haphazard with sometimes 3 blog entries on one day and then nothing for 2 days. Well, I want to plan it out so that I blog more consistently and so there will something every day, and maybe more than that a day.
The blog entries will be spread across my blogs:
My official art blog is art.travel.nonsense.blog: http://adriennesprice.com – This is for art of all kinds that I create. 
My Posterous blog is for all sorts of random stuff that is kind of my unofficial blog. http://adrienneprice.posterous.com
I started a music blog last year on blogger but was unhappy with their collaborative blogging so I switched it over to Posterous. The RetR team is comprised of me, my brother Joshua, and my friend Mike. It's not very regularly updated but I'm aiming to change that. Rhyme et Reasonhttp://rhymeetreason.posterous.com/ – Our fan page on Facebook: Rhyme et Reason
Recently, we got together with Shuffler.fm so if you click the button below, you can hear some of the music that we cover on 
I started an online Mood board: http://moodboar.posterous.com that is just a compilation of images or videos that I like that I want to keep track of and not forget. This is mostly used for inspiration for future projects.

2. Get a job.
I'm graduating in May with a degree in marketing and a minor in art. I currently work at my school newspaper as the photo editor and I would love to get a job at a magazine or working on web content for a business. Basically, if it involves social media and art, I want to be a part of it. Things aren't looking so good right now though, in terms of the economy, so we'll see how that goes. 

3. Read more.
I keep forgetting how much fun reading a novel is. So, I'm going to read more even if it is only on my iPhone. I've gotten through 200+ pages of The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (out of 500+) recently. It's cool because I don't have to carry a book with me or anything more than I usually would if I'm waiting for an appointment or something like that. On the negative side, people think I'm really antisocial since I pull my iPhone out all the time since I'm really into that book. I got some really cool books for Christmas too that I need to start working on. 

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