Blank: before and after

Find a way to lessen the stress of finals… By coloring in your blank. I had no idea what these were until I bought a pack with 2 inside. They’re fun once you get going and with a little imagination, yours can end up like my friend Carly’s blank, with gunshot holes and some brains showing (not to mention the worm with the mustache)!

One drawback is that this is the blankchild of RoseArt which we all know is not as good quality as Crayola. As a result, the markers were a bit hard to open, I had difficulty popping my blank’s head back onto it’s body, and the ink of the marker took forever to dry (and I am not sure if it ever really did because most if it seemed to end up on my hands). So, shame on you RoseArt. You should have better quality materials by now!

Have a blankin’ good time with your blanky blank.


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