Catwalk by Adrienne Price

acrylic paint on canvas

I learned the other day in school that a lot of Middle Eastern women enjoy wearing burqas because it removes the need to have to be fashionable in public, and to have to compete with men's attention. She said that when the women are inside their own homes, they dress how they like; it is just when they are in public that they cover up. While I'm not sure how much I believe this, I guess it does make sense. The professor who told the class this did mention that there are some Muslim sects that absolutely forbid women from not wearing a burqa, so there is still that element of power that is exercised over women. 

This painting is based off of a photograph I saw on Tumblr that caught my attention. I decided to go with a more abstract approach and I knew I wanted to use gold so I used it on her face. While not really meaning to, I know that I channeled a bit of Gustav Klimt's work and since I like his work, that's fine by me! I even got to use a big easel for this painting so it was much, much easier to paint this than my past paintings. 

How do you read this painting? 

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