gothello final.swf
Download this file

This is my first awful attempt at something in Flash. I actually made it in Illustrator so it’s REALLY not anything to be proud of but I’m bored and I just handed it in online so whatever. For some reason, when it’s hosted here it didn’t clip to the artboard which is not right and disconcerting.

I want to learn how to use Flash properly but without a project, there is no motivation to play with it. I’m sure it can’t be that difficult if most of the internet somehow functions with it. lol.

The premise of this project was to take markings that we drew in sketchbooks and make them into some sort of alphabet. Everyone in my class had a different final product which is good. I dislike this project so I think it shows in the final version here. This is a banner ad that is supposed to be on a website of our type foundry (supposedly) that we are going to put together soon. I love school but sometimes the things I learn don’t seem to have any purpose. Everyone feels like that on occasion though.

PS. I didn’t know Posterous hosted SWF files! How fabulous is that? 

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