Why I <3 College

Top ten reasons why I ❤ college and don’t want to enter the “real” world

  1. I can wake up when I want to and go to bed when I feel like it. Not that I didn’t do that before but pretty soon I’m going to have actual responsibilities and that element of choice will be limited dramatically.
  2. I can procrastinate and it only really effects me.
  3. TCBY has “Waffle Cone Wednesdays” which is fantastic. I only recently started taking advantage of this but it’s so awesome, I can’t not participate. This is a part of my college experience and is probably not applicable to yours haha
  4. I can draw in class and no one is really going to yell at me. If they ever do, I’ll tell them that I’m paying to be here. That hasn’t happened yet though so hold thumbs that it doesn’t now, in my last year of college!
  5. I have learned that I like being in the know and being involved. I joined the school newspaper in hopes of progressing up the chain of command and it has really worked out pretty well.
  6. The people. I am shy but I’ve still met really awesome people in college who have really made it worth it.
  7. The lectures/interesting things that happen on campus that I’ve had to cover as a photographer that I wouldn’t normally have gone to are really cool. 
  8. My jobs/internships that I’ve taken on during my studies. Sure, they weren’t always glamorous but I’ve learned how to apply principles of management, marketing, and various other business elements that I’ve learned in classes. I’ve gained experience in graphic design and marketing which is what I set out to do.
  9. Winning stuff. I’ve entered a few competitions and I’ve won some neat stuff…like the iPhone from Posterous, a Peek, an iPod, and some band merch.
  10. The break from drama. Lots of really horrible things have happened while I’ve been in college. Some really awesome things have happened too. I have been distinctly separated from these horrible things by being out of the immediate radius of where the dust settles once something has happened. I live in my own little bubble with my own concerns and every once in a while I get to talk to people I know and they fill me in. I love that.
I love autonomy! 

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