Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear

This is kind of a long saga haha. I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity today and it was quite insane how many people showed up. We (my mother and friend Aaron) got to the metro at around 9:30 and I think got to DC around 10:30. There were lots of people on the metro but at the point where we all dispersed (L’Enfant Plaza), it didn’t seem like there were that many people there. Within about half an hour, though, it got crowded and fast.

I checked in on Foursquare and got like 4 badges at once, including the “Epic Swarm” badge. Haha. I only recently started using Foursquare so that was funny.

I went to the Family Reunification tent to meet up with Diana and while I was there I didn’t realize that even though I was outside, I didn’t have AT&T service. This ended up meaning that I lost track of my mother and Aaron and that even Diana couldn’t find me. I held up my sign though and hoped for the best and it worked out. Diana and I decided to head closer to the excitement and eventually found a spot where we couldn’t move further.

There were a bunch of people trying to scan barcodes and stuff for Reddit.com and had signs for it which I thought was pretty good of them to market the site. From where we were, we couldn’t really see anything. At noon, when the Roots and John Legend came on the stage, we heard that. Later on, people were chanting “louder” because the speakers didn’t go as far down the mall as they should have. A little while later, we decided to find some food and then that took us about an hour to get to a hot dog stand. It was sooo packed and people just kept shoving by and then stopping. 

When my mother and I decided to head back, we went to L’Enfant plaza again. She had been in L’Enfant plaza looking around and trying to find Aaron and I. She told me that she smelled something like electric wire burning or like brakes or something and it seemed to be coming from the escalators seeing as so many people were getting on there. 

As we approached the really high escalator with a huge group of people, we saw people on the middle escalator begin to move really fast. At first I thought it was intentional; to get people moving faster, but then it got really fast and people’s heads were disappearing like they were on a ride at an amusement park. People stopped what they were doing and stopped getting on the escalators and you could just hear screams from people freaking the hell out. 

My mother grabbed me and made us go outside to get out of the crowd. I called 911 and told them that this had happened at that it was just pandemonium going on. We couldn’t tell if anyone was injured but I was pretty sure that there had to be injuries. This was one of those super long escalators and for those things to gain speed going downhill wouldn’t take much. 

What we didn’t know was that Aaron was on that escalator that malfunctioned! He was near the bottom, thankfully, but didn’t escape unscathed. He said that some guy pulled him to safety and there were small pools of blood at the bottom of that escalator. I walked past the poor people who were injured.


I told the Transit lady that I had called the police and she got all huffy with me saying that they were there and that it was being taken care of. I thought it was my duty since I didn’t see anyone else doing it! Maybe you guys shouldn’t have escalators going if it’s going to injure people!

There were a few online articles about what happened because it was so out of the blue. WTOP Metro escalator malfunction sends several to the hospital

Aaron ended up randomly on the same metro train back with us which was crazy coincidence. 

It was such a crazy day but people had smiles on their faces and were really polite, for the most part. Everyone was pretty patient with the shuffling along and I got my picture taken with my sign many times so that is exciting! 

Did you go? Did you want to go? 



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