Bored to Death

20101020 Fa 01 by Npr
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I like to listen to podcasts of Fresh Air so that I can pick and choose about what sounds interesting. Although I haven't yet listened to this, I just know it's going to be good. If you will remember, my brother and I won a music video contest for Schwartzman's band Coconut Records earlier this year and got our video played at the Poketo art gallery in Los Angeles. Schwartzman is playing Jonathan Ames, a private investigator, on HBO's Bored to Death and it's hilarious. I watched the first season and have been too busy to watch the second season but it does look good! 

You can download the podcast on NPR's site or stream it here. They offered the mp3 so I'm just spreading the love.

If you haven't seen our video for Coconut Records video, it's below!

Also, you should consider subscribing to the Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast. The last one I listened to was about someone reading The Hobbit and then the book disappeared. Someone conjectured that maybe it was just invisible. hahaha

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