Fatal attractions: orcas, tigers, and chimps – oh my!


I have blogged about this before but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it again! I vehemently disagree with keeping wild animals like tigers, chimpanzees, whales or any other type of large animal that has yet to be considered by society as domesticated, as pets.

Animal Planet is trying to get people to watch the devastation that these animals wreak. I don’t have a television at the moment so I can’t say if they have done any ads to advertise the message of not having pets like this. Looking at this ad though, it seems that we are going to be watching people in love with their pets who could maim them without much effort. I wholeheartedly disagree with putting these people in the limelight and applauding their stupidity and recklessness. They are endangering themselves and the people around them and I don’t understand why it is okay.

There have been a lot of stories about chimpanzees ripping peoples faces off when they pass maturity and of tigers not being so cute and cuddly when they are on stage in Las Vegas. These animals aren’t meant to be your distraction when you come home from work! They want to go out and kill something, it is in their nature.

A few years ago, an orca at a sea world type of place suddenly turned on its trainer and seriously hurt the trainer. If this is happening after years of training, then maybe we reconsider playing with the big animals! Either that or scientists need to come up with some animal hybrids that have the domesticated gene in them.

When I was in Australia, I read that dingoes cannot be domesticated. Yeah, people go all gaga over dogs but you wouldn’t want a dingo near your baby. Just ask Meryl Streep!

Should we highlight people who make bad decisions and take on pets that aren’t really pets? There are all sorts of law implications as well, in America, so you could technically be fined for having a pet like this. I will be boycotting this Fatal Attractions show on Animal Planet. Boycott with me.


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