iPhone magic

I got my iPhone and I am very happy about it. The touch screen seems to agree with me though I know that a lot of people hate it.

I am super excited about this because I have been waiting all week and now I have the weekend to play with it. Expect lots of random posts and be sure to check back often as I have yet to come to a conclusion as to what I will be writing about exactly.

This is going to be a hybrid blog where I talk about quotes, photos, artistic styles, Internet memes and similar, things I hear, things I don’t understand, Posterous, apple, and whatever else I decide is worthy of blogging about. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments about what you would like me to blog about because that is fun too. I will also be making full use of this camera and the video ability so hopefully I won’t run out of space on Posterous due to the high volume of content (who knows, I may be nearing it already!).

Let the mayhem begin!


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