Attention Crazy Cat Ladies!

You should only be allowed to own a cat if you are going to dress them up in outrageous and awesome outfits that accompany your own outrageous and awesome outfit. <a href="″ target=”_blank”> did an awesome job getting these pictures that personify exactly what I am talking about.
I want this cat.

"I've lost the ability to see! I hope I don't trip over a cat."

See pictures above for awesomeness and pictures below for "oh my god, no."


These people have also got exceptionally white skin which I think is a little over the top but I guess it is better than the orange oompa loompas from Jersey Shore. I wouldn't allow cats around them anyway, they seem a little too needy and we all know that cats don't look after orange people.

Turns out the "guidos" from Jersey Shore are actually oompa loompas!

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