(warning) Signs

I'm learning a heap of things these days so bear with me as I enlighten you on a few of them.

Semiotics is the study of signs. For some reason, this book on graphic design that I have is telling me that horses rearing up in the air are signs. 

If a horse statue is rearing up, it means that the rider was killed in battle while if one hoof is off the ground, it means the rider died in office. If it has all four hooves on the ground, it means that the rider died after leaving office. 

This is a statue in Stuttgart, Germany.

My question is, will we ever put up a statue of a person on a horse while the person is alive? What will that lucky horse be doing…floating in mid air? 

Can anyone give me an example of a visual paradigm? 
A paradigm is basically a bunch of stereotypes about something that links to what you are trying to communicate. That's not the actual definition but the actual definition is a bit boring. 

If one day the time comes and I need a horse to let people know that I am dead, I hope I get upgraded to being immortalized on a unicorn instead of a horse. Horses are so old hat!

2 thoughts on “(warning) Signs

  1. I haven’t thought about this in a long time, but I do recall this horse/rider/hoof thing. I grew up in Maryland, and between there and Pennsylvania, there is quite a bit of Civil War history. The tour guides always told us about this weird fact. As for the paradigm thing? We use that all the time. Think about it in terms of the way we dress, the music we listen to, what we eat, and what we say. All these cues say something about the overall message each person is communicating.

  2. I live in Maryland and I’d never heard of that but I guess it’s not surprising since I don’t really visit historical sites like that. Thanks for the help on the visual paradigm!

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