COICA, censorship

I don’t believe in the censorship that is being pushed by the old fogies inside the Senate. They want to limit our first amendment rights to free speech and censor webpages without telling anyone. Then, they’ll leave only an error page in their wake. 



This will not help the economy. This will not help the music industry. It will not help politicians (uh, duh we’re the ones who vote for you, why are you screwing yourselves up now?). This will not help small businesses who make up the majority of our economy. This will not help those internet ventures that work because there is freedom on the internet and that will be lost!.

Can you imagine in 100 years what the world would be like if the internet, at this point in it’s lifespan (it’s barely a toddler but it’s growing fast), was censored? Do we want to live in Orwell’s 1984? 

There are bad businesses that scam people without even venturing to the internet. There are robbers and muggers roaming the streets. There are drug companies online selling drugs to people that are questionable. Yes, there should be action taken against those who infringe on another’s rights but this is ridiculous.

As a TechDirt article says, 
On top of that, it seems out of line for the US government to be involved in pressuring these companies, whether they’re ISPs, domain registrars, payment processors or ICANN itself, to “voluntarily” block websites without a trial or due process. Yes, I can recognize that there can be legitimate health concerns with some of these websites, but those are better dealt with elsewhere. If a company is selling fake or harmful drugs, then laws within that country should be able to deal with it. If there are concerns about such drugs getting across the border, then it seems like a matter for border control. Asking internet companies to act as de facto “voluntary” censors seems like a big step too far. 

And, of course, if it starts with such gray market pharmacies, you can only imagine how long it will take until the RIAA/MPAA/etc. come calling for the same sort of “voluntary cooperation” from the same companies for sites “dedicated to infringing activities,” potentially killing off all sorts of innovation, before the market has a chance to adapt. When world wide web inventor Tim Berners-Lee and tons of other internet luminaries have come out against COICA, shouldn’t the White House be a bit more careful before trying to get various internet players to voluntarily do the same thing with even less due process?

What do you think about it? I’m against censorship. If you don’t want to see something, there are tons of other websites that will suit your tastes…you don’t have to go to 4chan and get mixed up with them if you don’t want to.

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