The Social Network

I saw The Social Network last night and I guess I enjoyed it. Not that the acting was bad or the story was uninteresting. For sure, that is not the case. I think what makes me uneasy, upon reflection, is that it seems unreal since it a movie about our times, about our clear addiction to this service that really is (as M. Zuckerberg put it) the social experience of college put online. 

Let me be frank, though. I am addicted to Facebook just like millions of Americans and foreigners alike. We all can't get enough of making fun of other "friends'" statuses, of "like"ing this or that and linking my friends to content that I like. Not to mention pictures and sharing experiences on what people are now calling "photojournals" of experiences. 

I agree with j.Price in that it seems like Zuckerberg really had no ideas of his own. Sure, once he heard other people's ideas he made them his own and tried to incorporate a lot of different parts into what became his own project but the intial "aha!" moment wasn't there. He did it all to get back at a girl that dumped him; he did it to get back at the world that doesn't seem to care so much about him. Eisenberg did a great job at portraying him. It's definitely a must see if only because it illuminates a lot of what we don't see on the surface. The part where we see what kind of social problems that Zuckerberg was dealing with was so much a part of how this whole thing came to be that unless you're watching it, you're not getting it.


Did you guys notice that one of the people on the music side of this movie was Trent Reznor? That explains the heaviness of the music, at least to me. About the photos — did you know that this month they are going to roll out some high-er definition photo abilities so that your blurry photos will now be blurry on a larger scale? It's meant to snub Flickr and Picasa pretty directly. We'll see if it amounts to anything.


2 thoughts on “The Social Network

  1. I read an article talking about how zuckerberg’s effort for social good weren’t even mentioned in the movie…. Have you ever heard of Facemash?Apparently Zuckerburg hacked into Harvard’s files, stole everyone’s ID picture and made an online site that matched two people together, and you had to pick who was more attractive.yeah… I’m sure he was real interested in social good. lol

  2. I think a lot of it had to do with just getting back at the people that didn’t like him so he was propelled to succeed. You’re right, though. It doesn’t sound like he is interested in social good.

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