Sydney road trip photos

I just got back from an awesome road trip to Sydney, NSW from Gold Coast, QLD! I took many, many photos and here are a few that show a bit of my fantastic trip.

The first photo was taken in Woodburn, NSW. There were a ton of sculptures and things in this guy's front yard, it was quite fantastical. 
The second photo was taken in the botanical gardens in Sydney. That place is really amazing and there are bats that hang out in the garden that make it even more amazing. They are the largest bats in the world and are (luckily for Sydney residents) vegetarians. 
The third photo was taken on the way to Armidale from Sydney. This bull was just hanging out near the fence, watching the sparse traffic go by and I managed to catch a closeup of him. 
The fourth photo was taken at Tea Gardens, NSW, on the way to Sydney. There were three pelicans that were scared off by some tourists (I swear, it wasn't me!) and then flew and landed in the water. 
The last photo was taken at Nan Tien in Wollongong, NSW, the largest Buddhist Temple in the Southern Hemisphere, which was a mind-blowing experience. I'm sure if I went north to where the rest of the Buddhist Temples are located, I would be even more blown away but as that has yet to happen and as I have yet to document it, I think I'll just remain impressed by this amazing temple for now.  I definitely recommend the journey to Wollongong as it is both beautiful and the actual realization of this place is something to behold. 

Overall, the trip was a brilliant experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it because of all that I saw and that I got to experiment with my Pentax *ist DS SLR camera which happily and recently came into my possession!


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