Tintin Mural drawings

I'm going to do a mural on my aunt's wall, above where her beloved dog Molly has her water and food bowls. Molly is half Shih Tzu and half Maltese poodle and has a mind of her own. Originally we were going to do Dogmatix from Asterix & Obelix but then he looked more like a male dog than a female dog. So, we then went with the other picture of Tintin and Snowy which is more characteristic of Molly.

Molly loves her toy frog, aptly named "Froggy", and teases people with it by letting them get close to it but then running away with it. So, Snowy is just more like Molly and thus shall be done. Pictures to follow of the process and the final result. It should be a fun thing to do!


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