We Won!


Can you believe it? Our video won and was watched and judged by Jason Schwartzman (and others, probably)! They decided on 3 winners and ours was one of them!!!

To watch it, go here: 
. It's currently on 666 views, which is an ill omen so people should watch it so that nothing bad happens to us. However, today I did see an armored truck and that usually is a lucky thing for me. I never have a bad day when I see one.

To prove that we won, I took a screenshot of the Coconut Records twitter page, which you can see!

Thanks to all the people in the video and the people who supported us through those long months. We expected the results at the end of January and only had hope (and some confidence) that ours was one of the better videos. So, thanks! 

Also, you should check out our Marina and the Diamonds video, again! lol

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