Lobster Babies Are Not Natural


Lobster Babies Are Not Natural But They Soon Could Be. 

This is my Dada inspired PSA comp that I am working on doing a final on in Photoshop. I took it with my handy camera phone so that is why the quality is not quite up to snuff. I originally was going to go with "3-headed babies are not natural…" but then I saw this awesome lobster baby and I just could not resist. I also found some bee-baby but that's not as weird. I just thought about this but I probably unknowingly went with lobster babies because of that Nip/Tuck baby that had that birth defect or whatever it was. However, this is not related to that so let's stop feeling sorry for ourselves and the characters of Nip/Tuck. What else can I ramble on about? I forgot to put in the toxic waste barrels that were in my rough draft because I forgot to print them out but apparently my professor didn't think it was a huge deal. Hurrah!

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