Crêpe Day

Yesterday was Crêpe Day! To me, this means that instead of cooking groundhogs (hmm tasty) in a pan, I cooked a thin pancake on this super duper awesome crêpe set that my darling brother got me for Christmas. I even skipped watching the premiere of Lost because I wanted crepes for dessert. Some of my crêpes looked like the moon and that other one looked like a swirly thing. Honestly, I need more practice…and people to serve for. So, if you’re interested in a crêpe, stop by next February 2nd…haha

For those unfamiliar with this custom that I just found out about, Wikipedia says “

Crêpes in culture

In France, crêpes are traditionally served on Candlemas (La Chandeleur), February 2. This day was originally Virgin Mary’s Blessing Day but became known as “avec Crêpe Day”, referring to the tradition of offering crêpes. The belief was that if you could catch the crêpe with a frying pan after tossing it in the air with your left hand and holding a gold coin in your right hand, you would become rich that year.[2]


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