Penny Opera


I had this idea for a painting since the summer and although this is not what I intended the result to look like, I still like it. My mother and I went to the local theatre player’s club which showed “Doubt” and it was funny because there was this couple of elderly ladies who were so just out there, such an odd couple. This is not them, by any means but whatev, you know?

I may reuse this idea in the future and hopefully come up with something completely different and outrageous. I’m searching for a quality of “holy cow” instead of “cool” so that will probably take a while to figure out. I also played with the idea of adding some components in a sort of collage effort but rejected it in this particular painting. However, that is an option that I will keep open.

Mod Podge is my new best friend and I have pictures of a table done with it in the near future appearing on here.

Currently listening to “Lady Don’t Mind” by Talking Heads.

“she just turns her head and disappears and I kinda like that style”


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