Review of Songbird


Long ago, I decided that iTunes was not the way to do music. Sure, it's dumbed down enough that everybody can use it but it limits people too much. I have also tried Winamp Pro but that got old really, really fast. For some reason, there are a lot of bugs even though it is like an official way to listen to music. Maybe not official but legitimate. 

With these things in mind, I thought I would retry Songbird again recently. It's pretty neat, has a classy feel with different options for skins and what you really want to do which is listen to music. I hardly ever watched videos using Winamp and if I ever need to go down that road, that's what that usually useless Windows Media Player is good for. 

What really sells me on Songbird are some of the add ons. There's an option for a "Smarty Pants" playlist which scans one particular song that you have playing and then goes through some database and sees what fits that song next best and goes through your library, creating a playlist based on that one song. It's a cool way to have a genre-like feel when most of the time my genre names are messed up because of the fact that a lot of my music comes from music blogs. 

Another awesome feature that I take full advantage of is that Songbird has a web browser in it. While I still am doggedly devoted to Google Chrome, when you search for a song in either The Hype Machine or Skreemr (my personal choices), Songbird scans the page for .mp3's and you can download the songs into your library but even more than that, you can preview them before you download them. There's always new music out there and The Hype Machine keeps up-to-date with that. Or for instance, a music site that offers free music like Songbird would have a field day with that!

Sure, there are bugs in Songbird too but I guess they're just not the ones that bothered the hell out of me with Winamp. So I say, download Songbird and give it a shot. If you're into indie music and don't listen to the radio anymore, why would you even bother with the other crap there is out there?

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