So as we all know, Polanski was finally apprehended for his 1978 “rape” of that 13 year old who has petty much taken back what she said about the encounter. I watched a documentary about Roman Polanski during the summer just because I needed clarification about this pretty crazy thing that happened after his wife infamously died at the hands of the insane Charles Manson-ites. Polanski really was playing with fire when this whole shit-storm erupted and the whole courtroom/corrupted judge problem made it easier for Polanski to flee, I think. Switzerland, I think I will not visit you if I ever am evading US law.

Poland, I thought we believed in human rights? Castrating pedophiles is a little horrific and more than that probably considerably devastating to the man that it happens to. I guess there aren’t many female pedophiles in Poland?

Now let me connect this Polandski idea. If Polanski had committed his offense in Poland, fleed, brought back to Poland now, and he was tried and convicted (I have no idea how Poland judges things and/or how they proceed judicially), he would be castrated. How is it that genius usually accompanies bad choices?
Woody Allen, beware.
You and Roman both have had contact with Mia Farrow which makes me suspicious of her. lol


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