For Jeff

I am currently computer-less and therefore lost in time, lost in space, and meaning*.

I am trying my hardest to stay sane and not break down and do statistics homework but do not fear, I shall not waver in my opposition to the homework. I am still kind of working on Maleficent the drawing and hope to even have completed a painting at some point. I just hope that I will find some sort of equilibrium at some point because I feel as though my life right now is in extremes. 

So, to apologize for my lack of blogging, I thought I would add some awesome pictures of my friend Jeff and his new haircut and plead with you all to increase his "tumblarity" (I don't know the correct spelling of that made up term) so that he can triumph over all of the other tumblr'ers. 

Tomorrow will be a busy day, I better put on my lucky socks. You should too.

*Variation quote from the end of Rocky Horror Picture Show movie.


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