My first foray into R4 Colors!


I will skip past the more "technical" stuff for those un-savvy of you who do not even know what a DSi is and onto what the picture is that I have drawn. It is interesting to me how Colors! for the R4 for the DSi works because I am not particularly a fan of using a tablet in order to get things done. My brother, Josh, has done more with his tablet but abandoned it because of some functional issues. Plus, his computer is too full on whatever watermelon with feta cheese it found.

I drew this while watching the funniest episode of 30 Rock, the one where we see how Kenneth sees everyone as muppets and Tracy sees everyone as a different-voiced version of himself. 30 Rock is quality, people. Start watching it. 

Anyway, so I started this "drawing" if you can call it that, then. It was a great learning experience because the buttons confused the beetles out of me and eventually I learned that you have to keep your fingers on everything lest you screw up big time. The picture isn't of anyone you know (lol) and actually just came out of my head. I wasn't going for any theme but my mom, who happened to be sitting idly by, said it looked Latin. Hurm.

I hope to use this more for things like ideas that come to mind, notes to take, and sketches of people that I see. It saves it in some wacky 500 pixel thing in .png format which is fine by me! Stay tuned for more exciting adventures when I sketch the mailman or that woman at the beach in a bikini who shouldn't be in a bikini who is bending over. It'll be both thrilling and erotic. Actually, nix the erotic. I'll go for lifelike or Van Gooey.


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