Here in the house, time is sweet


Ever heard that song Crippling Blow by The Killers? Well it's stuck in my head. They say that to remedy that awful situation (of having a song stuck in your head, clawing your eyes out) is to listen to complex music. And what better complex music than Johann Strauss? I also like Florence and the Machine (she's big in London, get with it America!). 

So basically this week I have begun to embark on a strange journey into another land. That other land is possibly 2 miles away but it will be very different from my previous circumstances. 

Also, I would like to take this opportunity to state that I do not write my blog for people to actually really take notice. If I say I want something, it does not mean that I really want it. I don't want people going out of their way to make things for me, like that ridiculous Rubik's meat sandwich thing. All in all, let me just say that you, 42, need to stop reading so much into things that are not there. 

I think my favorite word is "also" because I use it too much. But, also, can you see this? 
Franz Ferdinand the band done in watercolor by Rocksxtr on DeviantArt
Amazing work.

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