You’ve finally done well enough for yourself to afford a decent sized home in a nice neighborhood.  You like that all the houses look the same and that everyone’s front yard is nicely landscaped.  You like waving hello to your neighbors as you all get out the lawn mowers on Saturday morning.  You also like having guests over so that they can compliment what a lovely home and neighborhood you live in.  Life is pleasant in Pleasantville.  

Except on the two dreadful days of the week known as Trash Day.  You’ve taken careful consideration in how you display your trash but your neighbor across the street hasn’t been so thoughtful.  They obviously use the cheap white (see-through) trash bags that leak… the whole world knows what’s in their trash.  If only there was a polite way to recommend a trash bag without starting a neighborhood war.

BUT THERE IS!  Here’s a sure-fire way to get your neighbors onboard without the slightest chance of offending them.  Follow this step by step guide.  

1) Go to  
2) Buy 5 or more boxes of NOVELTY GOLDFISH TRASH BAGS.  
3) Overnight those suckers if trash day is soon – if not, just ship via UPS Ground (or order a bunch of other stuff because you know Ground Shipping is free for orders totally $75.00 or more).  
4) Have several of your neighbors over for drinks or dinner.  
5) Give the NOVELTY GOLDFISH TRASH BAGS to all attendants (make sure you have one box for yourself so they think you’re just a big fan of them and THAT’S why you’re giving them out as gifts).  
6) Sit back and wait for trash day.  
7) Admire how clever you are and then go around to all of your neighbors and let them know how spiffy your neighborhood trash looks when it’s in a NOVELTY GOLDFISH TRASH BAG!  


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