Pointy Hook – painting – art


Acrylic, 11 x 14 inches. 

I started this when I was watching Roger Federer take on Andy Roddick today in Wimbledon. Holy giddy God that went on forever and I was led to believe that it the fifth would be 19-21 in favor of Federer ('twas nothing but a wild guess) but it ended up being 14-16 for Federer. 

So, yay Wimbledon tennis and for Nadal for having the poor sportmanship to not even show (he was "sore" about losing the French Open but his more public reason was that he had an injury). Intense as it was, I still managed to paint a bit. Then my brother Joshua came home and he finished up a painting that he had started two days before. 

Our paintings are going to be in Just Plain Joe's Coffee Shop on Kent Island for all who care to peruse that place of coffee-worship and art, together forever. I will post Joshua's too, once I see if he has it online. 

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