I learned the word rambunctious in fifth grade, I think. It was a term used to describe my classroom that was filled with students who would not shut up nor sit still. I did both of these equally well and seemed to be one designated to be "well-behaved" and not "rambunctious." 

Oh, how I wished I could just do stupid things on a whim and very fast, without thinking. But everything I did was pre-planned and thought out for the benefit of my future career as a student. Teachers and adults said "think before you speak" and I did. They said "don't run with a sucker in your mouth" and I did not. I did not want to choke, but other children did it anyway and they didn't choke. All of those rambunctious kids that I knew in fifth grade have since gone on to do a very many different and possibly exciting things. And what do I have to show for being "well-behaved"? I have more people telling me that I am well-behaved. 

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