Movie: Revolutionary Road


I just just watched "Revolutionary Road" and I was astounded by the performances as well as the material on which Director Sam Mendes focused on. It's based on the book and I cannot claim to have read the book. However, I do highly recommend the movie. Not only are our "Titanic" heroes meeting again and sparking action but the premise of the movie, set in the 1950s, I think, about abortion is still a relevant issue. 

The story is about a marriage between Leo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet and what befalls them, especially when "April" decides she is going to try to escape their humdrum life and not exactly flee but get to Paris, and get to Paris quickly. 

Kathy Bates also makes an appearance as the mother of a son in a loony bin. The only sane one speaking is the "insane" one.

I would not say I want Kate Winslet to keep taking controversial roles but that I want her to take roles that challenge her and are not just movies like "You've Got Mail" which Meg Ryan is now infamous for. Not that I am comparing the two, it is just that I love that Winslet manages to keep picking interesting roles and has not ended up doing cheap romantic comedies. And I don't forget that movie she did with Jack Black and Jude Law (and awful Cameron Diaz) "The Holiday" which I saw because my friends forced me to see it — I just hope that it is a thing of the past.

"The Reader" is another one that Winslet did well in. One that she won the Oscar for.


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