Jonas 4 Life — scathing


In case you missed it, the Jonas boys were on the cover of Rolling Stone yet again. What is this madness? And why are they suddenly being led by a 16 year old who wears a pinky ring?? Just kidding. I don't think he wears a pinky ring. That would be simply awful…yet it might fit in with his image, if it was a promise ring.

Here, dear readers/followers/people who do not read my blog, is my bit of social commentary. Why wouldn't Nick "he's the sexy underage one" Jonas not have a tattoo? Why would he not see money wherever he goes? He's planning to retire early, ladies. And wear socks and sandals to the beach down in Flo-rida. His lips are uber-kissable and his hair is coiffed! He wants to be Elvis but without any sort of addiction or sex before marriage. God forbid(s). He won't sleep with anyone and has channeled his frustration into his work. Should we feel sorry for him, Rolling Stone? He's only 16 and he has you wrapped around his finger (the pinky finger). Miley Cyrus will not be on the cover until she lets some dirtbag film her and tries to sell the sex-tape on the internet.

But digression aside, Nick Jonas is not the cool, collected diabetic king of Pop ready to replace Michael "cardiac arrest" Jackson that we all want him to be. He still has a lot of learning to do before he can consider himself the incredible glory god that he himself thinks he is. He says he has studied many a record of those old saints who made a lot of money in the 70s and 80s and has learned some of the secrets of longevity. 

I can barely understand why people allow 16 year olds to drive cars, let alone dictate pop music or style.



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