DC Pride

On June 14th, I managed to go to the DC Capital Pride festival being held on Pennsylvania Ave. Let me tell you how I got there, first, and then we can move on to pictures. 

To begin with, I caught a ride with Alexis and her dad, Mr. Morrell. They were going on an adventure to DC to try out a segway tour that lasted something like more than 3 hours, which is intense. Alexis was in her Ford Fiesta (vroom vroom) and it was for the Fiesta Movement that she did it because it's technology month! Woooooo. 

On to my story. As I left the subway station and ventured into the daylight like a mole, I decided to follow some tall people. They seemed to know where they were going and I guessed correctly, that they were headed to the National Mall. Now for all of my foreign readers who know not what the National Mall is, let me just say that there are no shops there. It is a big green landing spot for the national guard. Just kidding!

I decided to venture into the great unknown museum that I had only walked by before. The Hirshhorn Museum houses some interesting pieces including the Big Man. Don't worry everybody, he is utterly naked. I really like it because of his body language and his facial expression.


What else did I find there? Some Grosz work that I found interesting. I really liked them because of the ladies and, especially in the one below, the fur coat that is just too big.

I also took photos of these figures.


When I had walked down some of the Mall, thinking that these white tents were something to do with the festival I wanted to go to, I decided to phone-a-friend. My mother was the chosen "friend" and I asked her to check out the official website which had the info as to where it was going on. 

When I finally did find it, it was a blast! There were people everywhere and everyone seemed to be very excited and loud.


When I found my way to the stage, there were a lot of people.


There are more photos that I will probably link to later on Facebook. 

The finale, which I missed, was famed performer Ru Paul.


And that, dear followers, was my Capital Pride Sunday. 


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